Here at Caterpillars our vision of outdoor play is based on fundamental opportunities for our children to explore, instigate and engage in their curiosity in the ‘big world’ around them.  Our ethos supports our children’s right to play in the woodland outdoor environment, to manage their own risk and  to experience  creative engagement with the beautiful natural world. 

Our outdoor lessons offer wonderful opportunities for children to explore and venture in a collaborative way with friends, steering their own learning and curiosity. 

As the seasons change, the woodland environment underpins systematic and fascinating opportunities for our children to appreciate the wonder of nature, with an infinite source of smells, textures and sounds that they experience. 

What Ofsted say about us…

“Children demonstrate high levels of engagement and enthusiasm as they freely explore and investigate their environment. They like to visit the forest areas, where they use reference books to identify various trees, plants and insects. Here, children use their senses and watch and listen out enthusiastically for wildlife”