Caterpillars Childcare

Welcome to our Caterpillars room

At Caterpillars we empower and encourage our children to be independent learners and thinkers. We offer our  children continual opportunities to ‘hands on experiences’ that will encourage and nurture inquisitive minds and support their emotional resilience. Our dedicated team of staff are on hand to support challenge through guidance and extend the learning of all our children to help them reach their full potential. 

Cultural Capital – We support and teach our children to manage self-regulation, helping them to gain inner confidence, in order to gauge and control their own behaviour, emotions and thinking in a self empowering way, to become strong individuals in the modern world in which they live.

Here at Caterpillars our children learn to collaborate, take turns and co-operate, listen to and respect others. Through meaningful play and opportunities our children gain the understanding and appreciation of diversity, tolerance, unity, respecting and appreciating difference. They learn to understand that this extends into their wider community too.

Our children learn to persevere and foster a determined drive to take their own risks, and become resilient to ‘not always getting it right or coming first’ and that by ‘having another go’ they can take ownership of developing their own high levels of self asteem.

Children quickly learn to think critically, fostering invaluable skills such as evaluation, analysis and interpretation. Through independent learning they begin to learn and portray skills of discovery, ambiguity, imagination and reflection, empowering them to be the drivers of their own learning and discoveries. We inspire our children to be unique, inquisitive and dynamic in their journey of discovery and fascination here at Caterpillars